Where Yogis Eat in Sarasota

The Sarasota Yoga Collective wanted to know exactly where yogis love to eat in Sarasota. We gathered the data and compiled a delicious list so that every yogi in Sarasota has all the options of a rejuvenating meal – including all dietary choices! Enjoy!

veg sarasota yogis restaurant

>Veg & Grill<

Located in Gulf Gate, Sarasota, Veg’s mission is to offer “simple, clean and unpretentious food.”  Veg has astounded clientele with signature dishes that are infused with spices from around the world. This Sarasota gem specializes in vegetarian and seafood cuisine but has vegan and gluten-free menus, providing every excuse to try it! Their accommodating and warm staff will make you feel right at home. You can take a look at their reviews if you don’t believe it!

beauty of sprouts sarasota yogi restaurant
>Beauty of Sprouts<

Beauty of Sprouts opened in 2013 in downtown Sarasota. The owner and chef received a Gold Hand chef’s award in Russia which is the highest honor, so you can imagine how unbelievable her food is! All Beauty of Sprouts food is raw, vegan, organic, gluten-free and soy-free while being prepared with the freshest ingredients. Beauty of Sprouts is a community-minded restaurant where special requests and suggestions are welcomed.

organic awakening sarasota yogi food
>Organic Awakening<

If you’re looking to “awaken your taste buds to the joy of healthy eating,” then look no further! This husband and wife duo creates the best product they can for their customers and Sarasota has taken notice! Deeply inspired by their personal health journeys, Randi and Chris founded Organic Awakening and took to the Sarasota Farmer’s markets to spread their amazing milks, spreads, cookies and more!

simons coffee house sarasota yogi food
>Simon’s Coffee House<

Simon’s Coffee House is a Sarasota favorite for breakfast and lunch (just ask any yogi or vegan you know.) This family-owned restaurant offers vegan, vegetarian and meat options with daily specials to choose from. Simon’s regularly has raw food options and all their produce is delivered fresh daily. If beverages are your thing, Simon’s also has their own delicious blend of coffee, beer and wine options! The Queen of Unicorns raw, vegan and gluten-free desserts are also sold here so you can grab one on your way out!

ionie raw lifestyle cafe sarasota food

>Ionie Raw Lifestyle & Cafe<

Ionie Cafe is the place you go to live seriously well. Located off Fruitville Road, all their food is dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and of course RAW! With everything from smoothies to pizza, you are sure to get your fix at Ionie! In addition to a cafe, Ionie is a retreat center where you can wind down with massage, yoga and even rolfing! If you’re interested in learning more about raw eating, their info page is a great resource.

cafe evergreen sarasota yogi restaurant

 >Cafe Evergreen<

If you live further south in Sarasota, Cafe Evergreen is a short drive to Nokomis away (it’s so good it’s worth a long drive too though). As a leader in healthy foods and drinks, Cafe Evergreen meals are organic, have 2/3 less salt than most restaurants and are always delicious! It’s not strictly vegetarian cuisine, but they have amazing options for those who are vegetarian! Their Kefir Mojito is the only one in the world and made with 10 years of nurturing and love so don’t miss it!

lila sarasota yogi restaurant


This downtown Sarasota restaurant was named for the meaning of Lila (lee-lah), which is creative play! Lila offers vegan, vegetarian and small, sustainable meat dishes in their fresh location right on Main Street. The chef’s at Lila go the extra mile and have separate cooktops for meat to ensure no vegan diet is compromised. As OpenTable’s 2017 Diner’s Choice award recipient, Lila is a restaurant you must add to you list!

green zebra cafe sarasota yoga food

>Green Zebra Cafe<

Green Zebra Cafe is located on St Armand Circle so it’s a great spot to hit after spending your day at Lido Beach. This family owned restaurant uses all organic and local ingredients, to ensure their food is of the highest quality. Green Zebra Cafe is known for their delicious smoothies, cold-pressed juices, sandwiches, salads and raw cuisine. They cater to everyone with raw, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options.

cafe in the park sarasota yogi restaurant

>Cafe in the Park<

Cafe in the Park is a hidden spot right in Payne Park, downtown Sarasota. Their fresh sandwiches and salads are made from all locally sourced ingredients. Friday evenings  from 7:30-9:30pm Cafe in the Park has live music with an amazing atmosphere! It’s a nice place to enjoy a sandwich and beer and relax. You can check out their Facebook page for more details.

crop juice sarasota yogi restaurant

>Crop Juice<

Crop Juice has 3 locations across Sarasota: Downtown, Gulf Gate and University. Once you try their candy-like cold-pressed juices you’ll have a hard time drinking anything else! Their raw juices are made fresh daily with the highest quality organic vegetables and fruits.

isan thai restaurant sarasota yogi food

>Isan Thai Restaurant<

If you’re a lover of Thai food and have not tried Isan Thai Restaurant, prepare yourself because it’s about to be your favorite! Isan specializes in Northeastern and Central Thai cuisine all while celebrating the cultures and traditions of Isan (northeastern region of Thailand). In this beautiful restaurant you will feel as if you’re in Thailand with the authentic decor, music and of course food! With meat options and a full vegetarian menu, Isan is a fine choice to fill your tummy! A few of their most popular items are the papaya salad, pad thai and red curry.

mozaic sarasota yogi restaurant

>Mozaic Sarasota<

Mozaic is the hip restaurant right on Main Street; you have probably walked past it countless times. Mozaic sources locally whenever possible and will surprise you with intoxicating flavors on very familiar dishes. Their “guest-friendly cuisine” is a plethora of veggies and seafood with some meat and vegetarian options.

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