Wellness Magazines in Sarasota

Many fitness and wellness-minded Sarasota residents are unaware of the amazing magazines we have right here in town! These magazines make it easier than ever before to keep up with what’s new in the SRQ wellness community; whether one is looking for yoga, fitness, health or nutrition info. Each magazine is so different from the other but contributes so much to our community! Let us know which is your favorite in the comments or a local publication you love that is not listed! Namaste ❤

fit 941 magazine sarasota

>Fit 941 Magazine<

Fit 941 is a local magazine focused on all things fitness in Sarasota. It’s a great source for someone new to the area looking to tap into ways to live a healthier life. However, Fit 941 will certainly surprise Sarasota natives as well. In this all-inclusive mag, you can get info on health, nutrition, training, and even fitness supplements. The team at Fit 941 really does a great job at keeping up with local fitness events in Sarasota including everything from yoga to kite-surfing. Their events page is a reliable place to start if you’re looking to expand your fitness regimen and see what’s offered in SRQ.

sarasota magazine

>Sarasota Magazine<

Sarasota Magazine is not strictly a wellness or yoga magazine, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a yogi favorite! Their mission is to “inspire readers to explore and shape” Sarasota. And they make it easy with the wide array of interests they write on. Of the many topics they keep track of in Sarasota (real estate, restaurant openings, shopping, etc) yoga is one of them! You can count on this magazine to stay on top of new studios or fitness apparel boutiques opening in town, like this article on Pineapple Yoga Studio. Overall, Sarasota Magazine is a well-rounded resource to stay in the know in SRQ.

natural awakenings magazine sarasota manatee

>Natural Awakenings Magazine Sarasota/Manatee<

Natural Awakenings Magazine is kind of a big deal. What started as a Naples, FL magazine to connect the holistic health community in 1994 has since turned into a magazine strong in 90 markets and serving over 3.8 million readers! Sarasota is fortunate to have such a successful magazine as a resource for the latest natural approaches to healthy living. Under the “Fit Body” tab on their site you can find an link to all their Yoga & Pilates articles. They truly are “Awakening one community at a time…naturally.”

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For more about the author go to SheNeedsLess.com or you can sign up for Tara’s yoga class, Mindful Movements, here.


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