Best Places for Yogis to Meditate #1 Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Although we live in a bustling community of hundreds of thousands of people in Sarasota County, it’s important for yogis to find peaceful moments to reconnect with nature and oneself. Despite the traffic and rat race that surrounds us, Sarasota is full of places where yogis can find refuge from the pace of a busy day. The metropolitan cities of Sarasota and Bradenton are rich with beautiful outdoor hideaways for yogis looking to go inward.

The first pick is Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.  A tropical, urban oasis featuring unparalleled horticulture. It is nestled in Sarasota with bay-front view. It is recognized as world-class center for education, research and conservation, and picked by many of our friendly yogis as a peaceful place to take a few clarifying breaths!

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is open daily from 10am to 5pm, offering unlimited natural beauty in every direction. Once on the grounds, you will be surrounding by countless spaces for meditation. Stroll through the orchid garden and become One with the beauty around you. It’s easy to forget you’re only minutes from one of Florida’s busiest beaches. Selby Gardens is located at 900 S. Palm Avenue in Sarasota.

selby botanical gardens meditation sarasotaThe cost of entry is $20 which gives you access to the grounds for the entire day. Alternatively you can purchase an individual membership for $75 which gives you access all year. A very useful pass if you live and/or work in downtown Sarasota. Stopping by the gardens in the morning or evening will each provide vastly different experiences since life at Selby ebbs and flows as the sun rises and sets. If you can squeeze in morning yoga, then return for a sunset meditation, you will get the most out of your one day pass. However, I recommend a membership. Once you explore the beautiful orchid landscape, you will want to return as frequently as possible to see how the garden transforms throughout the year.

Gardens in general are truly relaxing places to re-center oneself and absorb all life has to offer in each slow inhale. From seed to flower, the lively botanicals are a strong metaphor of our own paths in life, which make the Selby Gardens an inspiring environment to meditate on self-love.

Thank you Moriah Taliaferro with Tidy Life Cofor voting for Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. To learn more about orchids check out The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Illustrated Dictionary of Orchid Genera. 


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