How to Select the Yoga Teacher Training Program That is Right for You


Our intention with this article is to shed light on the heart resonance factor. There are so many beautiful YTT programs in Sarasota, but an infinite amount throughout the world. With so many programs to pick from, the selection process can get a little overwhelming. Therefore, we want to give the next generation of teachers a little something to set them off as they hunt around looking for their school, their teacher and their community.

We compiled this article by asking Sarasota and Bradenton yoga teachers, “How did you select your yoga teacher training program?”
– – Did you perform research?
– – Visit the school?
– – Take class with the lead teacher?
– – Meditate on it?

Here are their answers:

Schedule (program length, flexibility, class times)

Going through Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) is a big commitment. Whether you choose 200, 300 or 500-hour certification, you are going to be spending a significant amount of your time solely learning about yoga. It’s important to find a program that fits your schedule, doesn’t place too much restraint on your life and allows you to enjoy your YTT rather than be stressed out. Do you work 5 days a week? Search for a program that only meets on the weekends. Do you have time to get away for a few weeks and want to complete your training? Find a certified program abroad! There are thousands of programs to choose from that can span 2 weeks to 2 years! So don’t afraid to be picky and find the program that fits perfectly in your life!

Yoga Teacher Training in Sarasota County
Yoga Teacher Training, community gathering


Getting certified to teach yoga is an investment not only in your future, but your present! You will have a new way to earn money after completion and you will have more tools to deepen your own practice. Depending on a school’s location, what type of program you choose, and how renowned the school is, costs can vary greatly. It’s hard to put a number on a program not knowing all those details, but as an example, in the Sarasota area one can expect to pay $2000-$6000 for a 200-hour, 300-hour or 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Try not to become discouraged when researching viable programs. Many yoga schools have options for work trade, scholarships and payment plans. If you do happen to have all the funds upfront, many yoga schools will give you a discount for paying the total amount in advance. Overall, don’t be afraid to ask about options if you find a school that really resonates with you, but is more than your budget. You may be able to work out a deal that benefits you and your future yoga school!

Curriculum (anatomy, fascia, vinyasa, philosophy, etc.)

healsci yoga teacher training sarasota
A restorative capture in Salamba Supta Badha Konasana.

The list of different types of YTT programs never ends! It’s important to have an idea of what you are looking for in your Yoga Teacher Training as you go on your search. Do you have a desire to help those with injuries heal through restorative asana? Do you love power, vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga and want to teach these types of series? All these questions are highly important when picking your program. It’s okay if you’re no yoga expert, just having an idea of what you are looking for will help lead you to the right place. There are many programs that strictly adhere to one lineage of yoga. Some programs may focus on proper alignment in any type of pose in addition to philosophy and anatomy, versus one lineage. Other may focus on pranayama and meditation with little asana focus. While some may be focused on power poses and leave little room for philosophy and meditation. Most yoga teachers will be extremely proud of their program’s main focus, so a quick phone call with the program leaders may give you all the information you need.

Space (location, amenities)

Yoga teacher training is an intimate, special and memorable experience. You get to go much deeper in your own practice, learn about your limits and build connections with the rest of your class. You want the place you spend your training at to be one that you love to remember. A place that is comfortable, has the amenities you want/need and is conveniently located. For some, the idea of a YTT intensive in the humid jungles of Costa Rica is a dream come true! While for others, a clean, air-conditioned studio with private bathrooms and stocked with props is more their style. At the end of the day, it’s going to be the people you’re with and what you learn that makes your program special, but having the environment you want will save you from unnecessary discomfort.

Heart Resonance

Acro Jam in Sarasota Bayfront Park, YTT
Acro Jam for Yoga Teacher Training in Sarasota, Florida.

Yoga is about showing up, being authentic and following your heart. If you are really torn between programs, try taking a couple classes at the school you’re considering, ideally with the program leader and at the same space the training will be held. When you find the program that is right for you, you will know it. Whether it’s a connection to the program leader, a love for the beauty of the environment the school has cultivated or just a “feeling” you can’t explain – it is enough! It’s possible you will find a school that meets all your criteria like cost, curriculum and location and you don’t feel anything, and that’s okay too! However, it’s important to “check in” with yourself and meditate on the school before making your final decision. You can research, get recommendations and shadow classes, but only YOU will know if it’s right for YOU!

We wish you the best of luck in your YTT search!


The Sarasota Yoga Collective is all about creative collaboration! We invite you to share about your YTT in the comment section below. We’d love to know:

– -Looking back at what you did in selecting your YTT, what you learned from your experience, what would you tell a prospective student to do in their selection process? Something that could help them create a path for themselves, holding space for them to have their own individual exploration.

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