2017 Vendor Highlights: Poofy Organics by Raw Beauty Motherhood & Sunflower Living

What is Poofy Organics?

poofy organics vendor sarasota yoga collective event
Vanessa Kinsley and Jessica Blankenship selling Poofy Organics at the Francis for the Sarasota Yoga Collective’s 4th Annual Fundraiser

When it comes to health and wellness, Poofy Organics does not mess around! This small business came to be when one of the founder’s family members was diagnosed with breast cancer. That was all it took for the family to commit to using products free of harmful additives & chemicals and POOF! Poofy Organics was created. On their main website they detail how their products are “safe for our world, children, pets and expectant mothers.” Based on their offerings it is clear that Poofy Organics is not just for Mom, but the whole family. Their online shops sell cosmetics, home cleaning products, essential oils and even organic deodorant!

If you think Poofy Organics already sounds too good to be true, you’ll be elated to know that you can become a Poofy Organics Guide too! Poofy Organics makes it easy to join their family with affordable membership costs, enrollment training and a supportive network. They want their health-minded Guides to enjoy their loving products and earn money, whether it’s an extra $100 or $1000/month!

About Raw Beauty Motherhood and Sunflower Living

Raw Beauty Motherhood

poofy organics family use raw beauty motherhood
Raw Beauty Motherhood Poofy Organics Guide, Vanessa Kinsley, with her daughter

Vanessa Kinsley joined Poofy Organics under the fitting name Raw Beauty Motherhood. She is passionate about educating others on the importance of being mindful with what we put in and on our bodies. Vanessa is a busy mom, wife and hairstylist and she says “Poofy Organics has been my blessing of saving me time on DIYing my beauty, skin and home products and I love to the share the HEALTH.” Check out Raw Beauty Motherhood’s Facebook Page and Online Store to learn more, buy luxurious products and see how Poofy Organics fits into YOUR life!

Sunflower Living

puffy organics sunflower living yoga family
Sunflower Living Poofy Organics Guide, Jessica Blankenship, practicing yoga with her daughter

Jessica Blankenship began her yoga journey with her daughter and it eventually led her to Poofy Organics. She initially found the Young, Wild, and Free line (Poofy Organics line designed towards children) and researched into the company. Once Jessica learned Poofy Organics was USDA Certified Organic and Handmade, she was won over! Her Poofy Organics Shop is even under the same name as her yoga business, Sunflower Living Yoga. As Jessica puts it, “I knew instantly I wanted to educate others and help them make a switch to toxin-free products.” You can keep up to date with all of Poofy Organics products and deals on her Facebook Page or shop in her Online Store!

Poofy Organics at The Sarasota Yoga Collective’s Fundraiser

poofy organics donation basket sarasota yoga collective fundraiser
Raw Beauty Motherhood and Sunflower Living donation basket for Sarasota Yoga Collective’s Fundraiser

Sunflower Living and Raw Beauty Motherhood were so generous to the raffle donation for The Sarasota Collective’s 4th Annual Fundraiser! They donated a magical basket full of handmade, organic and toxin-free goodies including:
Eucalyptus Spearmint Sugar Body Scrub sample
Bath Bomb loaded with butters and citrusy essential oils
– Raspberry Lip Balm
Cranberry Fig Soap Bar
100% one ingredient Dead Sea Mud Mask sample

Thank you Raw Beauty Motherhood and Sunflower Living! You’ve introduced Healsci Yoga School and all of our fundraiser attendees to a natural way to maintain our bodies and lives!

New to Poofy Organics and want see what all the hype is about or send a gift basket to a loved one? Check out Raw Beauty Motherhood or Sunflower Living to start changing your life from the inside out!

To reach us at the Collective, please fill out the form below 🙂


For more about the author go to SheNeedsLess.com or you can sign up for Tara’s yoga class here.


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