2017 Vendor Highlights: Environeers

What is Environeers?   


Environeers is proud to be a premier adventure travel outfitter. They are known for their eco friendly, recycled yoga leggings and are worn by many popular yogis around town. But they don’t just sell you the best gear ever, they also provide expert technical advice for everything they sell.

Environeers at the Sarasota Collective Annual Fundraiser

We want to say thank you to Environeers for participating at the Sarasota Collective 4th Annual Fundraiser and for donating $100 to our fundraiser. We love what you are doing in our beautiful community. Thank you for joining us along side Healsci Yoga School.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 10.32.22 AM.png

Like Environeers on FB or check out the Events with Environeers for more learning.

For more about the author go to healsci.com/siejhi or you can sign up for Tanya yoga class here.

To reach us at the Collective, fill out the form below.



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