2017 Vendor Highlights: The Tidy Life Co.

tidy life company sarasota

What is The Tidy Life Company?

The Tidy Life Co. is a moving and downsizing service located in Sarasota, FL. Through guidance and organizational services, TLC magnifies your life’s quality by taking on the stress of moving, so you can enjoy the transition!

About the Founder

tidy life company sarasota yoga collective vendor

Moriah Taliaferro founded The Tidy Life Co. in 2017. She developed The Tidy Life Co. with a vision to celebrate the concept of curated living. Moriah has a background in everything from hospitality to real estate, and it shows in her work! As a child, Moriah’s family had a bed a breakfast that she helped run, so from a young age she’s known the keys to customer service.

After college, Moriah found success as a realtor and then worked under a notable builder in Sarasota, FL.  It was during this time that she founded her own lifestyle management business and The Tidy Life Co. was in the works. Since going full-time with The Tidy Life Co., Moriah has found great success and more work than she can keep up with! Anyone who knows Moriah will agree that she gives 110% in everything she does and that she is always willing to help others!

The Tidy Life Co. Offerings

The Tidy Life Co. is with you every step of the way, whether you are preparing to sell your home, downsizing or packing for a move! Every successful endeavor begins with a consultation and TLC will work with you to identify your goals and come up with a game plan!

Services Include:


Moving is the worst. Almost everyone despises it – not TLC! From helping you pack, move and unpack to coordinating with other needed services, TLC will handle the headache so you can enjoy the exciting transition!


When preparing your home for sale, it is paramount to clear out the clutter. Contrary to popular belief, few buyers visualize living in a home when it is filled with memorabilia. So de-personalize and de-clutter. Your agent will thank you later for it!


Towers of boxes, dressers bursting from the seams, rooms that can’t be utilized let alone walked through. If any of these describe your home, it’s time to clear the clutter and make some space!

The Tidy Life Company at the Yoga Collective Fundraiser

tidy life company vendor booth francis saraota

The Tidy Life Co. made a very tidy appearance at the Yoga Collective’s 4th annual fundraiser, alongside fundraiser sponsor, Healsci Yoga School. Moriah thoughtfully donated 2 three-hour sessions (valued at $120 each!) to our table raffle. One of the winners is preparing for a move and when she learned of TLC’s services she was elated! TLC is just the kind of service she’d been searching for!

Don’t forget to like TLC on Facebook @thetidylifeco and Instagram @the_tidy_life_co

To make an appointment with The Tidy Life Co. call (941) 504-9910 or email Moriah.Taliaferro@gmail.com.

To reach us at the Collective, fill out the form below 🙂

For more about the author go to SheNeedsLess.com or you can sign up for Tara’s yoga class here.


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